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Soil Biodiversity Programme
Biological Diversity and
Ecosystem Function in Soil


The NERC 'Soil Biodiversity Programme' was an integrated programme of research on the biological diversity of soil biota and the functional roles played by soil organisms in key ecological processes. The programme ran from 1997 - 2004. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) invested 5.85m in the programme, which supported 30 research projects and contracts, involving around 120 scientists in universities and NERC centres and surveys.

The programme is no longer active but you can learn about it here, and access outputs and datasets.

The Sourhope site is probably the best-known hectare of soil in the world

Selected research within the Programme is published in Applied Soil Ecology Vol. 33(2), a special issue entitled Soil Biodiversity in an Upland Grassland. (Editors: Usher, M.B. and Davidson, D.A. Published: September 2006)   >>MORE
We regret that we are unable to continue maintaining the Soil Biodiversity Programme data discovery interface, which will soon be removed from this website.

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