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00143   Dr G Griffith  University of Wales
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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active


Title of Research Project
Fine scale analysis of Hygrocybe spp. in semi-natural grasslands and elucidation of their role in decomposition processes.

Research workers:


Dr Gareth Griffith Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Penglais, Aberystwyth, SY23 3DA


Dr Roland Bol IGER, North Wyke Research Station, Okehampton, Devon EX20 2XB


Dr Nick Ostle CEH Lancaster, Lancaster Environment Centre, Library Avenue, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4AP

Members of the basidiomycete genus Hygrocybe are largely restricted to nutrient-poor grasslands and are of significant conservation interest in the UK context. These species are all uncultured and virtually nothing is known about their functional ecology. It is proposed to use species-specific PCR probes to measure the vertical distribution in soil of mycelia. Detailed mapping of fruitbodies (FBs) over two autumns will permit the effect on FB production (at least 10 spp. occur at the site) of the various plot treatments and local soil variations at Sourhope to be quantified. 15N-enriched plant litter buried around mapped Hygrocybe fairy rings will permit tracking of isotope enrichment in subsequently formed FBs. Co-ordination with 13CO2 pulses in 2002 will also allow isotope tracking over shorter periods. Natural abundance of these isotopes in FBs will also be measured.