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2642 Professor Andy Meharg University of Aberdeen
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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active


Title of Research Project
Towards a quantitative analysis of soil food-web structure and function at the ecosystem scale.


Few ecosystem-scale studies exist where the majority of soil species have been identified. Fewer still have quantified interaction strengths between species, and between organisms and abiotic factors at the ecosystem scale. Hence, the required dataset to build a mechanistic model of soil food-webs is incomplete. The Soil Biodiversity Programme therefore provides a unique opportunity to construct a dynamic model of biologically-mediated nutrient-cycling in a real ecosystem. This proposal aims to review the main soil nutrient and food-web modelling methodologies (process, organism and integrated approaches) and also to critically evaluate the empirical data being collected by the experimentalists from a modelling perspective. After this consultation period, a mathematical modelling framework will be recommended and model construction will be undertaken.

Research workers:


Prof. Andy Meharg Dept. of Plant & Soil Science,
University of Aberdeen,
Cruickshank Building,
St Machar Drive
Aberdeen, AB24 3UU

Tel: 01224 272257
PI Mr Mark Toal CEH Monks Wood,
Abbots Ripton
Cambridgeshire, PE17 2LS

Tel: 01487 773381