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Sourhope Field Experiment Site: Joint Sampling Event 2000 Data

On the 27-28th July 2000 a joint sampling event was held at Sourhope, where co-ordinated sampling involving many of the project groups within the Programme took place.  A single block of soil was extracted from each of the sub-plots S T U V from within each of the main-plots (excluding Control 2 plots) at the field experiment site, and various baseline measurements were recorded for the initial 100 sample blocks (see below). The soil blocks were then divided up and sub-samples given to those who wished to participate in the co-ordinated sampling.  This page will contain datasets generated as a result of this event, and should eventually provide a wealth of information covering various aspects of soil research that can be linked to the same point in time and space.  

NOTE: The use of these datasets is subject to the Conditions of Use detailed below. Click on the download format in the table below to view or download any of the datasets or to go to the soil photos page. 


Dataset Contents Download format
Soil Survey
Soil horizon types and depth ranges along with pH & moisture content by horizon are given in this dataset for each of the initial 100 soil blocks. A reference to a photograph of the profile of each soil block is also included.
Soil Profile Photographs :-
A photograph of each of the sampled soil blocks.   

Photo Page
Abundance scores for each vegetation species occurring in the extracted soil blocks are provided in this file. Surface area of each block was approximately 18 x 18 cm.
Root, shoot and litter biomass data for sub-samples of each of the original 100 sample blocks. Sub-sample dimensions were in the region of 4 x 4 x 8cm, although vary from sample to sample. 


Conditions of Use

  • Datasets developed under the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Soil Biodiversity Programme are proprietary products of their originators (names given with the dataset) and are thus protected by Copyright law. The originators reserve all rights of ownership and copyright in these data. 
  • Users may not i) transfer, assign, rent, lease, sell, give or otherwise dispose of these data, ii) release a Product or Tradeable commodity based in whole or in part on data supplied by the NERC Soil Biodiversity Programme, unless prior written agreement has been obtained, and any royalties due have been paid, iii) reproduce any digital or numerical data other than for back-up purposes.
  • Users are required to acknowledge the originators of the data and the NERC Soil Biodiversity Programme in all reference or publications which involve the use of these data, and to offer the relevant Principal Investigator co-authorship of any such publications. NERC and the dataset originator will have the right to accept this offer, allow the user to publish in his/her own right, or refuse permission to publish if in its judgement the publication poses a threat to the data, to NERC or to the data originator. Copies of, or a reference to, any publications which refer to these data should be sent to the Soil Biodiversity Programme Manager.
  • Although these data are subject to quality assurance procedures, NERC is not able to warrant the accuracy of any data supplied to the user, and have no responsibility for determining the fitness of the data for their intended use by the customer. The provision of such data carries no liability for its accuracy or reliability and the NERC Soil Biodiversity Programme cannot be held accountable for any loss, damage, injury or any other occurrence arising from the use of these data.