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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active



This form allows Soil Biodiversity Programme Projects to submit plans for visiting the Sourhope Field Experiment Site. Please complete this form for each planned visit, giving as much detail as possible about the proposed activity. Note that not all fields are mandatory - you may leave blank those fields which do not apply.

Once you have completed the form, click the confirmation box at the end of the form, followed by the 'Submit' button to send the form to the the Soil Biodiversity Sourhope Site Manager (Gordon Common). A copy will also be sent automatically to Soil Biodiversity Programme Office.

Your request will be acknowledged via email, and you will be contacted as soon as possible with confirmation that your planned arrangements may go ahead.

Project Award Number:

Name for contact:
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Sourhope Visitors' Names:
Other Projects involved:
Proposed Dates(s) of Visit From:            To:

Arrival Time:

Purpose of Visit:


Experimental Set-up
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Other: please specify:


Main Plots/Treatments Required



Sub-plots/Treatments Required



Description of sample type


Size of sampling areas

Description of set-up:


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Transport requirements:



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Other requirements:



Number and Frequency of  future visits



Please confirm that all the above details are correct: Then:

Click to send your visit plan.                   (Clicking will clear the form, if you want to start again)


Site manager:

Gordon Common
MLURI Sourhope Research Station,
near Kelso, Scotland

Tel: 01573 420229 (direct line) Fax: 01573 420787 


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