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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active


The Rigg Foot Experimental Site at Sourhope consists of 5 replicate blocks arranged in downslope environmental gradients in the chosen area of grassland. Each block contains 6 main plots with treatments allocated at random. The main-plots are subdivided into sub-plots to allow for the individual sampling strategies of award-holders

The following diagrams give further details of the experimental design set-up at  the Sourhope site, showing the plot layout, the treaments types and also the sampling areas allocated to each of the projects involved in the Programme.


Main-plot Layout and Treatment Allocations

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The above main plot design was agreed by the Steering Committee in London on December 8th 1998.


Sub-plot Layout

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Main-plot Treatment Codes
C1 = Control 1;  L = Lime; B = Biocide;
N = Nitrogen; NL = Nitrogen & Lime
Reseed is Lolium perenne


Sub-plot Area Allocations by Project
(Control 1 plots)

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Numbers on the diagram are the project award code - go to the Award holders page for further details.

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