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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active






The Soil Biodiversity Programme data is managed by the 

Environmental Change Network (ECN) Data Centre at the NERC 
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology,

An online data discovery system has been created, to provide access to available project datasets. This system allows users to explore the wide range of datasets generated by the Soil Biodiversity Programme's research teams. Project summaries and outputs (papers, reports, etc.) are also  available.

The Soil Biodiversity Programme was a closely integrated programme of research, with close collaboration between projects. A central integrated database was developed to hold baseline data from the Sourhope site, and the key datasets and associated meta-data generated by the projects. This formed the basis of the data discovery system.

Datasets currently available on-line, along with other data management tools and information can be accessed via the links given below. Access to other Programme datasets my require specific authorisation by data originators and release under licence. 

Online Data Discovery System This interface provides a direct search and access facility to datasets and summary data resulting from this work, held within a central database by the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) at Lancaster.

Data Policy & Management Strategy

The Programme's Data Policy addresses intellectual property rights and NERC requirements for data storage, maintenance and access. The Programme's overall data management strategy includes establishing a central Soil Biodiversity Database.

The SoilBio Database

General information about the Soil Biodiversity Database, including an overview of its current contents and structure.

Available Datasets

Baseline data on soils, vegetation and meteorological variables from the Sourhope field site have been made openly available, subject to conditions of use.

Submitting Project Data Information on how to supply datasets to the central database using an Excel  template and details on the meta-data necessary to support datasets. (for Programme members only)

For further information contact :-

Lynne Irvine (SBP Data Manager) :

Environmental Change Network
CEH Lancaster
Lancaster Environment Centre
Library Avenue

Tel: 01524 595801
Fax: 01524 61536