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Research Facilities

> Sourhope
> Ecotron
> Stable Isotope Facility

Please note: This research Programme is no longer active


  • Sourhope Field Experiment Site: The Programme provides plots for  the intensive study of a single site to test hypotheses about the functional role of biodiversity, combining detailed taxonomic description with an experimental approach. The research is based on a grassland system at Rigg Foot on the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute's Sourhope Research Station in the Scottish Borders. 

  • Ecotron: Investigators also have access to the Ecotron facility at the Centre for Population Biology (CPB), Imperial College, London, London. A simplified grassland ecosystem has been created, using soil from the Sourhope site, with communities of varying diversity to defined taxonomic specifications. A key element of the field and Ecotron-based parts of the Programme will involve the introduction of a pulse of 13C and monitoring the progress of this signal through the soil ecosystem.

  • Stable Isotope Facility (SIF): This facility, located at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Lancaster,  provides an analytical service for 13C and 15N.