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Please note: This research Programme is no longer active





The Soil Biodiversity Programme has yielded:

  • Quantitative data from a wide range of taxa in a grassland soil

  • Collections of nucleic acid samples and gel records

  • Image archive of soil sections and soil organisms

  • Advances in descriptive and phylogenetic taxonomy

  • Information on the ecological effects of nitrogen, biocides and lime on grassland

  • Programme publications of baseline and background data

  • Posters and oral presentations at scientific meetings

  • Books and refereed journal papers - including a special issue of Applied soil Ecology - on functional ecology

  • British Ecological Society symposium (in 2003) on Soil Biodiversity

  • The World Beneath Your Feet final events in Edinburgh and London (Mar/April 2004)

  • Body of trained scientists equipped to advance in their careers using new techniques to follow the functional links between soil biodiversity and function